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Assembly Services
SRT Maintenance
X Ray Inspection
Commercial Washer & Dryer
Shuttle Star Support
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PCB Rework, and PCB Repair Services including SMT pad repair, BGA pad repair, Trace repair, circuit modification and inner layer repairs.  We are the Circuit Board Rework and Repair Training Specialists!

PCB Rework & Repair Services

On the cutting edge of technology, we offer a full line of high tech services to assist contract manufacturer's and  product  research and developers.  Specializing in quick turn around times to help get your product to market on time.

Training Services
We provide training in our facility or at your facility.  All students receive a certificate of proficiency after completing our course.  Courses are offered in Production Assembly, Hand Soldering & Rework, Wave Soldering, BGA Rework and more.   With over 100 course outlines, we will customize a course to meet your companies specific requirements.  A large variety of name brand equipment is used in all of our courses that emphasize hands on experience.

BGA Rework
Installation and exchanging of BGA, Ball Grid Array Components is performed automatically using an SRT/Summit 1100 Rework System. The SRT is fully capable of installing all size packages including Micro BGA.

PCB Rework, Repair, Modification
It's not broke or unusable until we say so. We provide solutions to the largest contract manufacturers and product development companies in the world. Surface mount pad repair and BGA pad repairs.  Laminate repairs, inner layer modification, trace repair, circuit modification and more.  We can even ad circuitry under your BGA component.

X ray Inspection
X-Ray inspection using a Nicolet Imaging System. Inspect BGA and surface mount components for hidden bridges. Inspect circuit boards for inner layer shorts and opens.

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