Process problems? Low yields? Do you want to improve quality?

Are you setting up a new process or facility?

Whatever it may be, Precision PCB Services, Inc. can help!

Precision PCB Services, Inc. provides consulting services for advanced manufacturing processes. Providing solutions for advanced, complex and emerging technologies. Since 1991, we have consulted and solved process problems for some of the world largest companies. Having worked with over 2000 engineers, managers and executives at over 1000 companies, we provide a unique and innovative compilation of hands on experience.

Staff expertise is in manufacturing process implementation, process analysis, applications engineering, profile development and defect analysis. Areas of specialization are: BGA, LGA, QFN, PoP, Chip Scale and other complex packages. Also included are: Lead Free Process, defect anomalies and solutions related to Lead Free use in high tech packaging.

A recognized expert in the field of BGA rework, Precision PCB Services, Inc. is listed as a source reference for the Xilinx Document XAPP426, "Implementing Xilinx Flip-Chip BGA Packages.

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