BGA Rework Station for Mobile Phones

BGA Rework Station for Mobile Phones

With the cost of the latest iPhone approaching $1,000 and other top-end smartphone models’ prices not far behind, rework stations for cell phone repair are becoming more and more popular with manufacturers and repair facilities alike.

Since a broken solder or improper connection can easily render an integrated circuit (IC) partially or fully inoperable, the ability to solve these problems with ball grid array (BGA) rework stations is a smart financial and environmental choice — as long as the costs associated with reworking add up to less than the cost of full device replacement.

Reasons for Rework Stations for Mobile Phones

At the heart of all modern electronic devices, especially in mobile phones prized for their slim designs, are printed circuit boards (PCBs) that are often equipped with surface mounted devices (SMDs). Using mass production techniques assisted or entirely fueled by automation, mobile phone circuitry is assembled on a massive, fast-paced and competitive scale.

What this process means is that faults in soldering, such as solder bridges or dry joints, as well as assembled components that prove faulty, can subsequently render an expensive piece of electronic equipment unusable — unless it’s properly repaired. And on top of that, once in use, vibrations, impacts and repeated exposure to heat and cold can also wreak havoc on ICs, PCBs and SMDs.

In all of the cases mentioned above, there’s no way to refinish or repair the damaged mobile device by inserting it back into its original assembly process. However, with a well-designed rework station and properly trained repair technician, the rework process can often return the device to its full operational capacity. In fact, according to numerous sources, the success rate of mobile phone rework stations tends to range from anywhere between 60 to 90 percent. Even at the lower end, these rates represent substantial savings to both manufacturers and consumers.

Why Make Precision PCB Services, Inc. Your Rework Partner?

Especially for ball grid array rework — which can pose substantial difficulties when technicians attempt to test circuitry — both a high-quality BGA rework station and a skilled technician are essential. This requirement is why Precision PCB Services, Inc. doesn’t just lead the industry in providing extremely well-designed BGA rework stations — we also supply complete technical training and lifetime technical support.

Since 1991, we’ve been a trusted name in the rework, repair and assembly of printed circuit boards and electronic equipment because we’ve taken a comprehensive approach to the process. We’ve found that only by constantly keeping up with the design, technological and training requirements of electronics reworking can we hope to supply a solution that’s both cost-effective and highly successful.

This strategy is why our BGA rework station for mobile phones is setting the standard for the industry — and why it’s prized among technicians. Because when Precision PCB Services, Inc. is involved, you can rest assured that you have access to the necessary skills training and technical support, as well as a machine that’s designed to not only get the job done but also help you improve your success rate while doing it.

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