Equipment Installation Policy Waiver

Precision PCB Services, Inc. offers full equipment installation and training for our BGA Rework Stations. While we strongly encourage all customers to take advantage of the installation and training, we do allow customers do perform a "self installation" when requested.

Precision PCB Services, Inc. installation services include:

  • Equipment inspection to ensure no shipping damage occurred
  • Proper calibration and initial power up
  • Startup process and assist with programming
  • Verify spare parts and accessories are on site
  • Provide training on programming, operations, and maintenance

A customer choosing a self installation option accepts the risk associated with accepting and inspecting the equipment, performing the proper equipment inspection and startup procedures and training personnel on the programming, operations, and maintenance of the equipment.

Precision PCB Services, Inc. provides full technical support for its products. However, customers opting to self-install must realize that we cannot be held liable for any equipment damage unless inspection and installation is performed by a Precision PCB Services ,Inc. service representative.

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