Standard New Equipment Warranty

Standard Warranty covering new equipment is effective for periods of one year in effect at time of purchase. Technical support is provided for as long as you own your equipment.

Items covered:

  • All parts for a period of one year.
    • (Travel to location and related expenses are customer's responsibility)
  • Phone/email Technical support to original buyer only.
  • Prior to scheduling an on-site service call, attempts will be made to correct the problem via email, phone and/or Skype, WeChat and Web Meetings,

Items not covered:

  • Repairs necessitated by misuse, abuse, or use of equipment for other than its designated purpose.
  • Repairs necessitated by damage from self-install.
  • Repairs connected with the relocation and/or reinstallation of equipment.
  • Repairs necessitated by alterations or modifications made to Precision PCB equipment by parties other than Precision PCB Services, Inc.
  • Repairs caused by installation or removal of devices not provided or authorized by Precision PCB.
  • Repairs necessitated by accident, power failure or surge, fire, water, wind, lightning or other natural disasters.

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