Manufacturing Process Consulting

If you manufacture printed circuit boards in your business, you can definitely benefit from quality PCB process consulting services. Precision Solutions Inc. is the only company you need for all of your PCB process consulting.

When it comes to PCB assembly consulting, we can help you with all aspects of the printed circuit board assembly process to help streamline your organization. Our printed circuit board process consulting services help you improve your PCB process so that you can focus on the business of manufacturing and marketing your products.

The Printed Circuit Board Assembly Process

The printed circuit board assembly process is a complex one, and there are many steps along the way where something could go wrong. If something does go wrong, you might be facing reduced productivity or having scrapped or defective product.

Our experts can analyze your process and show you where you may be losing time or money so that you can correct those deficiencies and produce a better, less wasteful product in less time.


Why Precision PCB Services Inc.?

Precision PCB Services Inc. has been providing advanced manufacturing process consulting solutions for a wide variety of industries for over 25 years. We provide highly-effective process solutions for the biggest companies in the world, in industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, logistics, food and beverage, freight, chemical and more. We have helped a variety of executives, managers and engineers be more effective in their manufacturing processes.

Whether your needs are in applications engineering, process analysis, defect analysis, profile development or process implementation, we have the experts to handle your job. We specialize in areas such as:

  • BGA
  • LGA
  • PoP
  • Chip Scale
  • QFN
  • Defect Anomalies
  • Lead-Free Process
  • Lead-Free High-Tech Packaging Solutions
  • And more!

Types of PCB Services We Offer

Precision PCB Services Inc. offers many services to increase your PCB process efficiency. We are an established expert in BGA rework and are a source reference for the Xilinx Document XAPP426, "Implementing Xilinx Flip-Chip BGA Packages.” Other highly beneficial precision PCB services we offer include:

Young female digital electronic engineer examining computer PC motherboard in laboratory

If your industry is suffering from leaks in your PCB assembly process or any aspect of your PCB manufacturing, Precision PCB Services Inc. is ready to help right now. Contact us online or call us at 1-888-406-2830 to find out more. We can discuss your specific needs when it comes to streamlining your PCB process and suggest potential consulting services to help you.

When it comes to dramatically increase your company’s manufacturing efficiency with quality PCB process consulting from Precision PCB Services Inc., there’s no time to waste. Get in touch with us today!