BGA Rework Consulting Services

From keeping your equipment working its best to improving the overall efficiency of your operation, our consulting services help you solve the problems that affect your business. We work closely with clients such as contract manufacturers, OEMs and product development companies to offer advice and insights based on their specific needs.

We have extensive experience both with general PCB manufacturing and with specialized industries such as aerospace and healthcare. We’ll bring you an informed perspective based on our more than 25-year history of success.

Process Implementation and Analysis Consulting

Even the best BGA rework stations can only be effective if you incorporate them into your processes in a thoughtful manner. Our consulting services look closely at both your specific rework requirements and their larger context in your organization. In doing so, we can suggest ways to implement documented processes that will streamline your operation, reduce defects, increase yields, improve quality and keep waste to a minimum.

Our expertise encompasses a number of specialized areas, including not just BGA but also LGA, QFN, PoP, Chip Scale and other complex packages, as well as lead-free processes and more.

BGA Rework Process Training

At Precision PCS Solutions, we believe in building better processes from the ground up. Often, staff training is a smarter alternative to purchasing new equipment or radically changing your operation.

Our programs include BGA rework process training, general skills training, wiring and terminal courses, lead-free training, and more. We hold all classes at our Oroville, CA head office. Let us assess your requirements and recommend a program that will position your team for success.

Experience and Expertise

Precision PCB Services has provided BGA repair and rework consulting services to more than 2,000 engineers and technicians at some of the world's top manufacturing companies. We are well-known for both our products and our training programs, which together offer complete solutions for demanding industries and applications.

If BGA rework is part of your operation, we can help you find ways to work smarter, save money and ultimately bring a higher-quality product to market.

Your Source for Complete BGA Rework Solutions

Precision PCB Services is a full-service company providing turnkey product solutions and support. We can help you set up a new facility, expand an existing facility, or repair or replace aging BGA rework stations. We back all our products with an industry-leading warranty and provide lifetime technical support. We can also provide repairs and maintenance for machines by manufacturers such as SRT, Shuttle Star and others.

Our BGA rework consulting services are designed to be flexible and to meet you where your organization is currently. For details on how we can help, please contact our office and speak with a representative directly.