Shuttle Star SV550

Shuttle Star BGA Rework Station Operational Training.

We provide operator training and profile development for all Shuttle BGA Rework Stations.

  • Machine Operation.
  • Profile Development.
  • Calibration
  • Maintenance
  • Trouble-Shooting

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Learn how to set up and operate the Shuttle Star SV550, SV560, SV560A BGA Rework Stations. Included in the training will be how to use the software, calibration of the vision system, upper and lower heaters, profile development, preventive maintenance and how to change or upgrade the heaters. Courses are available at our facility and or we are available to travel to your facility.

We also provide training and profile development for: SRT, VJ Electronics, Den On, Manncorp, A.P.E. Conceptronics, Zhuomao and other BGA Rework Systems.

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